After your identity design project is delivered to me, I will be in touch with you to be able to determine your exact needs. Together, we will decide the extent of your project and the time schedule. Then I will send you a contract that contains the proposal and conditions for our design project. After the confirmation process, 50% pre-payment is necessary as standard procedure to be able to start our project The rest of the payment is requested after the project is finished. In this case, if you are thinking of a different payment method, we can talk about the options.


The most important step of the identity design process is the research. We cannot have an idea or vision of your brand’s logo and visuals if we don’t have a plan. In this planning identity design process, we will be having enough materials to be able to create your needs. I will be providing a survey to help you clarify your needs. You can think about it as a personality test for your brand. The current place of your market and brand, where you want your brand to be in future and your brand’s values are very important for me to know.

Branding identity design brief sheet

In the survey, I will be asking about:

  • Your current logo, your website, digital and printed materials that are made previously (If you have them),
  • Your competitors’ designs that you liked.
  • The examples that represent what’s in your mind, such as colors

The information we gather in the discovery process determines the direction we are taking greatly in the next steps.


At this point, our ideas start coming to life. I will be working on some creative options for you. These will be shaped according to the parameters that we will gather in the discovery process.


Among all alternatives, you pick the one that conveys you and your ideas the best. Afterward, with your ideas and directions, we will customize them even more.


Now it’s your brand’s turn to shine! After you give your approval for the designs, I will do the last touches on the documents and format and deliver those to you. When it’s necessary, if you have a print vendor that you are working with, it’s also possible for me to deliver the files to them. If your identity design project includes a website we will publish it and make it happen. If your project includes a brand guidebook, all elements of your brand identity such as logo, typography, color scheme, photography style, colors, patterns and more, they will be handled and explained within this document. So you will have an eligible “identity guide” that describes your brand in all the other upcoming processes.

Well, if you are in need of a new brand identity, I would be more than happy to help you with it.

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