Logo Design

We can create your logo design, colors, and font that is specialized for your brand together.

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Icon
  • Logo Guideline
  • Typography
  • 3D Mockup

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Identity Design

We can make your brand’s corporate appearance more impressive and make it more noticeable and different compared to the other brands in your field.

  • Brand Guidebooks
  • Patterns
  • Social Media Kit
  • 3D Mockups
  • Stationery Design
  • Company Profile

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I Maybe The Graphic Designer You Are Looking For. Would You Like To Know Why?

The Reason Why We Should Be Working Together
If you are an entrepreneur launching a new business, you will need a good-quality branding process which will impress your customers and be irresistible to your investors.
You see other companies’ brand identities which are created professionally and envy it. It’s possible for your brand to look way better than theirs!
Your company might have been successful in commercial activities for long years. But nowadays realizing that commercial success is not the only important thing if you want to create an identity for your brand,
Maybe you worked with different designers before and they didn’t satisfy your needs. And you are tired of getting a result that is not as effective,
If you are a producer who is functioning in more than one commercial field and want to separate your products, and product lines,

Do you agree with several of these reasons? Then come on! Let’s make your product or brand have an appearance which you can present to people proudly!

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I Am Doing Graphic Designing For Various People From Different Backgrounds And Fields.

My customers are generally solo-preneurs, funded start-ups and small / medium businesses who need new brand identities. Except for that, I am working with big establishments that create new brands and products within themselves. I also do solution partnerships about logo design and corporate identity designing for the agencies that work with professional brands.

Some Typical Client Industries:

Education, Food & Beverage, Financial Services, Health & Wellness, Realty, Creative Services, Construction, Automotive, and Law Firms

I love working with the customers who are excited, have a vision and also invest in their future. If this is inviting for you, let’s get in touch!

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What Are The Differences Between A Standard Graphic Designer, An Advertising Agency
And Ersin Tat?

Away from purpose
An Ordinary Graphic Designer

There are hundreds and thousands of graphic designers in the world. However, how can you decide which one is the right designer for your project? Let’s say that you need a professional logo design. Many designers and individuals who claim to be one present you basic logos or the logos which have been designed before and try to make you accept them. Except for that, most of the standard designers only focus on one one side of the projects and they only see the shell of a oyster, they don’t think whether there’s a pearl in it or not.

The most important thing here is to ask the questions to be able to open up the oyster such as; “How is your company positioned among its competitors in the marketplace? Who is your target audience? What appeals to those people? How is this logo the start of a complete identity system that can take your organization forward?” If these questions and the answers that should be given to them are important to you (it should be!), a standard graphic designer won’t be enough for you. It’s better to see the big picture.

Not practical for your needs
Advertising Agency

Maybe you may think that your needs can be covered by a full range advertising agency. Agencies inherently tend to have more resources than an independent graphic designer. In the situations that are more complex and bigger and that require different skills, seeing advertising agencies, of course, may make your work easier. But you shouldn’t forget that an advertising agency would demand more budget because of the general and employee expenses.

Other than that, the duration of the work to be done and the communication process will be longer than an independent designer. You also should be very clear about the results that you expect. For some brands, it can be very important to make meetings lasting for months and do mathematical calculations over every single detail of the brands. However, if you want to get faster and more direct results then this option might be exhausting for you economically and time-wise. But there’s another option.

Solutions you need
A Way Better Option Than Those Two

To be able to shape the graphic design needs, I am working with small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

An oyster without a pearl in it is an ordinary oyster and there are thousands of them in the sea. Yes, at that exact point we can find that pearl and we can polish it and make it blinding. So not only the pearl but also the products that it’s used with will gain more value.

Working productively and fast are my two most important characteristics. I want your investment to be valued in the best way possible and I believe that I can help your project to be acknowledged better and be in such a quality that everyone would admire it.

“Hiring you was the best investment I have made for our family business. Thank you for your professional works.”

“I am very pleased to work with you because you have the qualities we want and you have reached us for our purpose.”
– Hakan Karadağ – SunStar